Salvation – 1

To the contemporary Christian, salvation is about Jesus Christ saving the soul from sin and eternal death. This limited view has kept believers the world over in a state of perennial mediocrity. The one who dares to believe the Bible will see that it is much more – it is not only about being saved from sin and eternal death, but about being saved from sickness, Satan and the curse as well. It does not end there – it also includes being placed in a divine union with Jesus Christ when we were baptized (Rom 6:3). There is more good news – Salvation is Christ Jesus living in me, transforming me into his likeness, expressing himself through me and bearing fruit through me.

When I received Christ, I was instantly delivered from the dominion of darkness and transferred to the dominion of Jesus, who exercises that dominion by the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit has dominion over my spirit, soul and body. Therefore, sin cannot have dominion over me. Sickness, disease or pain cannot have dominion over me. Satan cannot have dominion over me. The curse cannot have dominion over me. Death cannot have dominion over me.

Through the Holy Spirit, I exercise dominion over sin, sickness, Satan and the curse.


The temple of God

Scripture Declarations

My body has been bought with a price – the blood of Jesus.

My body belongs to God. I am not free to do with my body as I please because my body belongs to God.

My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

My body is for the Lord.

My body is a member (part) of Christ (member of Christ’s body).

The fullness of the Godhead bodily dwells in Christ. Christ dwells in my body in his fullness. Sickness cannot co-exist with Christ in my body. Sickness, disease and pain must leave; they have no place in my body.

My body is presented as a living sacrifice to God, holy and acceptable. This is my act of worship.

I do not allow sin to reign in my body.

I present my body to God and the members of my body as instruments of righteousness to Him.

I present the members of my body as slaves if righteousness.

The Spirit of God gives life to my body and keeps me in divine health.

I am the expression of God’s glory. The glory of the vine is in the branch. Christ’s glory is manifested through me.

By the stripes of Jesus, my body has been healed of all sicknesses, diseases and pains.

My body has been delivered from the dominion of darkness and brought under the dominion of Jesus Christ through his Spirit.

My body is under the dominion of the Holy Spirit of God. The Spirit of God brings life and health to my body.

The effects of sin in my body are eliminated since my sins have been forgiven.

Jesus Christ is God’s salvation for my spirit, soul and body.

Christ lives in me.

I have one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom I live.