Christianity is ……

Christianity is –

1. God reaching out to man.

2. God providing salvation.

3. The forgiveness of sins and cleansing of man’s nature by the blood of Jesus.

4. The removal of the sinful nature from man and God sanctifying man.

5. The impartation of God’s righteousness to man.

6. The impartation of God’s nature to man.

7. The impartation of the mind of Christ to man.

8. God coming to dwell in man.

9. God fellowshipping with man.

10. Power and authority given to man over the kingdom of darkness.

11. God leading man always in triumph

12. Man overcoming sin, Satan, sickness, curse and the world through God’s indwelling presence and anointing.

13. Man being transformed into the image of Christ.

14. The assurance of Heaven.

15. The resurrection of the body after death.

The sound of triumph and victory permeates Christianity. The Christian is the salt of the earth and the light of the world, he is one who is possessed by Christ, he is in Christ and Christ is in him, he has the answer to the world’s ills. He is saved, healed, delivered, blessed, sanctified, justified, glorified, placed in Christ, established in Christ, sealed, anointed, authorised, empowered, an ambassador of Christ, fully revealing Christ to the world. Now compare Christianity with the other religions out there…..