The greatest love of all is mine

One of the facts that has held me in awe has been the relationship that Jesus had with God the Father. I have always encouraged people to read the gospel of John for this gospel portrays Jesus as the perfect Son of God, as God in the flesh. Jesus himself said that he proceeded forth and came from God (John8:42) and we must not lose sight of this fact. Although he did not use his divinity to live and do his ministry on earth, he was most certainly God in the flesh.
As I study the Word, the facts about Jesus relationship with the Father become evident. As I see that, I recognize that Jesus calls me into a similar relationship with himself. Just as Jesus related with the Father, I can relate with Jesus.

Let us look at some of the characteristics of this relationship.
1. A total commitment to the will of God – John 4:34. Jesus was not driven by human need or his own will but by God’s will alone. I see this as the foundational commitment that I am to make. I cannot expect any fruit from my relationship with Christ unless I am willing to make this commitment – to doing the will of God. There are several references in the new testament to doing the will of God which I will cover in a separate article. Are you committed to doing the will of God? Are you willing to lay down your own will and do His will? Do you ask him to show you his will or do you do your own will and ask him to bless it?

2. God was his source of life – John 6:57. Jesus said that as he lives because of the Father, so will I if I feed on HIm. These words were spoken in the chapter where Jesus claimed to be the bread of life. Just as we need bread (food) in order to sustain physical life, he is saying that we need him in order to have and sustain spiritual or eternal life. He invites us to feed on him and says that he does the same with the Father – he feeds on the Father. The picture of eating his flesh and drinking his blood then is just a portrayal of feeding on Jesus, of Him being the source of life. Communion then shows us that we live by feeding on Jesus.
Are you feeding on Jesus? Is he your source of life? Is your relationship with him your first priority?

3. Complete dependence upon God – John 5:19,30. The Father showed him what he needed to do. Jesus was dependent upon the Father to speak to him and to show him what he needed to do. That shows us the closeness of this communion he had with God. What wondrous communion! He said that as the Father knew him, he knew the Father (John 10:15). You just need to read the gospels to see the time Jesus spent with God in prayer. After major miracles, he often withdrew to a secluded place for prayer. He seemed to draw strength and receive direction from this place of prayer. It was not a duty, it was his greatest joy for he met with the Father. How is your communion with Jesus? Do you depend upon your own intellect or do you depend upon him to speak and to show you what you need to do?

4. Consciousness of God’s presence – John 10:38; 8:29; 14:10. Jesus speaks of the Father being in Him and He being in the Father. I believe that he was not only referring to the fact that He was God, but was referring to the union he had with the Father while on earth. Jesus also said that when he was risen from the dead, the disciples would know that He was in the Father and that they were in Jesus and Jesus was in them (John 14:20). This shows us that he was speaking of the union that we could have with him while on earth. 1 Cor 6:17 tells us that when we were joined to Christ, we became one spirit with Him. I believe that the union we have with Jesus can be such that we can reach the point of perfect consciousness of his presence at all times. No more consciousness of sin or guilt or self or the opinions of others, but a wondrous consciousness of Jesus presence. Are you conscious of the presence of Christ throughout the day?
A few days ago, I woke up with the words of a song in my mind. They go somewhat like this – “His forever, only His, who the Lord and me shall part? Ah with what a rest of bliss, Christ can fill the loving heart. Oh this full and perfect peace, oh this transport all divine. This I know as now I know, I am His and He is mine.”

I am calling you to a closer communion with the Lord Jesus Christ today. That is the greatest love of all.