Video teachings

  1. Uncommon Eyes, Uncommon Heart

Come, listen as I delve into scripture to show you how to use your eyes of faith to                have confidence in the Lord!

2. Living by the Life of Another 

Join in as I share about living in the power and fullness of the Holy Spirit. The best life is yours to experience today!

3. The God Encounter 

Are you searching for a God encounter in life?
Come listen as I share on the Holy Spirit, and how we can live lives that are full of light, power, life, and glory!

4. A Godly Life

What does it really mean to live a godly life, and how can we do it? What are the benefits that overflow from living a godly life according to the Bible?

5. Fruitfulness – the why and the how

Tune in and learn why and how we can be fruitful through this powerful sermon. Listen and discover some practical steps on bearing the fruit of the Spirit, and get connected with the God who loves you!

6. Partakers of the divine nature

How do we partake of God’s divine nature? Can our lives be truly and supernaturally transformed if we abide in Him?

Come listen as I share from the Word about being partakers of the divine nature. Receive God’s Word for your life today.

7. Raised by His Glory

In this sermon, I share from Ezekiel 37 and explain how all believers can live a life that is raised, touched, impacted, transformed and overwhelmed by Glory of God. Receive a word from God today, hear what He is saying and prophecy to your situation. Then, watch it come alive!

8. God’s expectations of fathers

The world today speaks loudly about its expectations for fathers. Everywhere you turn there’s a different standard. Fatherhood isn’t easy, I know since I’m a father myself. But what does God say about fathers? Listen and let your eyes be opened to see the only standard for fathers you need to live up to, with God’s help.

9. Your future in Christ

In a world of uncertain futures and expected doom,  I share how God has a plan for your future. A plan to give you hope and to prosper you, if you only allow Him to intervene. Listen and be blessed!